Mt Zion Primitive Baptist Church of Gray, Ga
Sermons By Our Visiting Ministers
94. Children of the Light-P Conley
91. What Manner of Man Is This-Eddie Whidby
95. Faith & Works-Elder Tommy  Sarber
92. Forsake Not the Assembly-S Fussell
93. God's Way is Not Your Way-G Hall
98. Reproval-Elder Stephen Dyer
106. Jude-Elder Dan Bryant
100. Reproval-Elder Jeremy Sarber
102. Consideration of New Visitors J Sarber
96. Your Labor Is Not in Vain-S Dyer
104. Remembrance-Elder Gary James
97. Devils Cast Into Swine-B Mcdaniel
99. Bishops in the Church-T Sarber
105. Thy Face in Righteousness F Bryant
101. Welcoming Visitors -Jeremy Sarber
103. Growing in Christ-Elder Jeremy Sarber
107. The Power is With GOD- B Torrance
108. Examples of Faith-P Conley
109. Our Servitude-Elder Spencer Fussell
110. Almost-Elder Loyd Blair
111. The Death of Jesus-T Lockwood
112. God Did It, That's It! E Whidby
113. And We Know-Elder Wesley Watkins
114. I Wish I'd Been There! Elder T Sarber
115. Spiritual Wind- Elder Bill Torrance
116. Jonah-Elder Tommy Sarber-031611
117. Graven in His Hand-Elder Frank King
118. Proposal or Proclamation-033011
121. Discouragement- Elder Gary Hall
129. "Kingdom of Heaven Like Unto"-Elder S Dyer
123. Acts Chapter 17-R Lawrence
125. Clothed-Elder Joe Nettles-062911
119. Message Then Still Applies-B Torrance
127 The Magesty of GOD-Elder B Torrance
120. Perilous Times-Elder Franklin Bryant
122. Integrity of King David-R Lawrence
128. The Kingdom of GOD-Elder Gary James
124. The Home Elder Spencer Fussell
126. Romans Chapter 5 Elder Franklin Bryant
130. Isaiah 53-Brother Ric Stewart
131. In Christ Jesus-Ric Stewart
132. Seeking First the Kingdom
133. Habakkuk-Gary Hall
134. Not Slack in His Promise-Stephen Dyer
135. Furtherance of Christ-Elder N Randal
136. David & Goliath Elder Hugh Sanders
137 God is on Your Side Elder H Sanders
138. Proving Resurrection Elder J Sarber
139. Old Testament Grace Bro Ric Stewart
143. Thus Saith-Elder Franklin Bryant
150. The Foundation- Elder K Brantley
146. Warmth of Threefold-Elder Stephen Dyer
140. Power Over All Flesh-T Roundtree
141. Ten Commandments in New Test.-C Lanier
148. Jesus Christ The Same...Elder Toby Foster
142. Consider Thy Ways-T Lockwood
144. Who Can Lay Charge-Elder Gary James
149. "Blessed Are" Bro Ric Stewart
145. The Foundation- Elder Philip Conley
163. Marvel- Elder Eddie Whidby
147. Deaths Examined-Elder Dan Bryant
168. Hold Fast-Daniel Godwin
151. Salvations-Elder Ronald Lawrence
174. Serve One Another-Gary Hall
152. He Lives- Elder Ronald Lawrence
167. Captain of Our Salvation-Elder M Goins
153. Use What Given-G Hall
166. A Good Soldier-Elder M Goins
154. The Harvest is Ripe-Jeremy Sarber
175. Christ Arose-Elder Bill Torrance
155. Psalm 73- Daniel Godwin
164. Before the Foundation- Elder D Godwin
156. Godly Heritage-Spencer Fussell
170. First Fruits- Norman Randall
157. Revelations-Elder Norman Randall
169. Common Salvation- Daniel Godwin
158. The Kingdom of Heaven-T Green
165. Liberty- Elder J Sarber
159. Doctrine to Live & Die By-C Lanier
173. Nevertheless-Philip Dukes
160. Prayer-Elder Joe Nettles
172. Faith-Jason Cawthon
161. Salvation-Bro Ric Stewart
171. Vanity or Victor- Kenneth Brantley
162. The Right Thing-J Nettles
178. David & Goliath- Win Kuck

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177. For the Eyes of the LORD...Stephen Dyer
176. Quench Not the Spirit-Win Kuck
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179. Dangerous Times-Franklin Bryant
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180. Easter & the Resurrection-T Lockwood

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